About Me

As an empathetic and creative designer, I thoroughly enjoy diving into the research and gaining invaluable insights before designing a project. My field of interest is “design for social good.” To me, it is equally vital bringing awareness to others about global problems such as poverty, global warming, and mental health issues as much as it is solving them using my skills in brand identity, motion, and promotional design. When I am not telling stories (some from clients, my own, and who knows—maybe yours), I am most likely doodling or admiring the beauty of nature. I have been the recipient of a McNair Scholar and consider myself an amateur pianist and a decent cook. Most importantly, I am a determined dreamer. My goal in life is to create impactful changes for my loved ones, community, and the world. I sincerely believe that empathy drives good design, and in today’s world, I think there is plenty of room for some more good—don’t you? 

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