How to prevent creative blocks in Michael Graves College's students?

Like many design students, our own MGC students have admitted to struggle with creative blocks. A creative block can be described as one's inability to access internal creativity. If and when a creative block surfaces, they can affect work, performance, and well-being.



20 out of 20 MGC Students admitted to struggle with creative blocks.


Several students advocated that a space to get away to–helps with their creative blocks.


Methods of overcoming blocks included relaxing, working on new directions, and experimenting with different techniques.



The Creative Space is a dedicated resource for all MGC Students to combat creative blocks.  

About the space

The Creative Space was made especially for the MGC community so students may better create, collaborate, and express themselves freely through their work with no pressure.​ Our space encourages collaboration and welcomes all design fields similar to an interdisciplinary studio. Our college is made up of five disciplines including, Architecture, Advertising, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, and Interior Design.


As technology advances, so do we! The space includes five virtual reality (VR) rooms dedicated to each discipline's field, a relaxing lounge area, a fun game room, and an open conference room used to conduct lectures, project pitches, portfolio reviews and more. 

Brand Identity

The Creative Space is the future student community of Michael Graves College. A youthful creative community with a youthful creative identity. The fluid hand lettered logo identity makes for a fun read typically accompanied by white space to allow our student's to do what they do best, create! Any white space is considered as "Space For Your Flow", a space especially left empty to be customized by our students. 

Color Study




Change obstacles into opportunities wherever you go, with For Your Flow the new podcast series brought to you by Creative Space!